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Social Rewards
As motor insurers continue to develop their strategy for implementing telematics based insurance policies, to date the focus has been on young drivers, yet this driver demographic represents a relatively small part of the insurer’s policy base.
Economies of scale and significantly reducing the cost of customer support using telematics can only be achieved when a major portion of the policy base has switched to a telematics policy.
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Social Rewards
The challenge is how to engage the wider policy base? The Inzura customer care app can be extended with features to encourage the use of driver profiling and adoption of the Customer Care App approach through our white label customer portal and rewards proposition, with a Social Network look and feel. App users can create their own social profile and interact with other users.

The Rewards aspect reinforces the goal of always improving individual journey scores to qualify for a better overall driver profile. Inzura's Social Rewards Site helps drive engagement and 'buy-in' to the App centric way of using and thinking about insurance.
Social Dashboards
Drivers using a telematics policy benefit from having their own personal profile dashboard which can be shared through the Social Portal, a variation on the "How's my Driving" approach. Drivers can track their progress over time and the number of journeys profiled, comparing their own scores on the same journey and sharing these with other Social members.