Insurance providers get instant access to Dash Cam footage to protect customers and insurers
Inzura's white-label apps and Digital Insurance Platform provides innovative mobile-centric products to insurers at minimal cost and accelerated timescales.
Users benefit from time saving and safety features built into the apps.

Benefits for insurance providers

Increased margins, reduced management costs, combat fraud and embracing new technology.

Benefits to consumers

Better customer service, lower rates and rewards for good driving.
Dash Cam
Integrated Dash Cam Insurance
Front end apps
InzuraCore Platform
Operational support
Introducing Inzura
Inzura provides Digital Insurance products and services to the Insurance industry enabling Insurance Companies and Brokers to offer innovative digital insurance products to their policyholders and prospects.
Inzura's customer engagement Apps and cloud-based services cover the major personal insurance lines. We provide state of the art Driver Profiling Telematics, Connected Home solutions and Fitness & Well-Being human telematics.

Working with Inzura, our customers gain speed to market enabled by our white label Smartphone Apps that engage users with easy to use products and services. We help Insurers improve customer service, which drives higher customer retention, we also help them to reduce fraud and reduce costs in the claims process.

Our product portfolio includes; insurance policy administration mobile apps, insurance telematics (UBI / PAYD / PHYD / TBYB), Integrated Dash Cam insurance/ADAS technology, user-friendly Smartphone camera photograph analysis, data analytics and back-end server infrastructure. End users benefit from time saving and safety features built into the apps, as well as delivering new services utilising insurance telematics and driving linked rewards.

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